EL FARO VACATION HOME 600m to Beach – VFT/MA/09955 – Review

EL FARO VACATION HOME 600m to Beach – VFT/MA/09955 – Review

EL FARO VACATION HOME 600m to Beach – VFT/MA/09955 – Review

The apartment, service, and standard overall of this El Faro Vacation Home 600m to Beach – The Review.

Listing: Airbnb

Booking this apartment without seeing it via Airbnb seemed easy, the pictures looked great, and the location was perfect for what we needed. We know the area very well and have family in this area.

When booking holiday apartments in these times we need to be sure that they meet all the criteria for health and safety. I mean who would want to turn up to an apartment that had not been cleaned for covid.

Upon arrival we did not meet anyone but got the key from a keybox which was fine by us. Entering the apartment we granted were tired but still a little shocked at the state of condition of the apartment. We left it a day before conatcting the agent.

Moldy curtains, filthy dirty exterior with months of dirt, grime and food left behind to rot. Most plates and cutlery still had hardend food on them as never been cleaned properly.

Under sofas I really dont think had seen a hoover or mop for a while. The bathrooms where quite honestly the most revolting thing we have ever seen. The list could go on and on.

After contacting the agent we got the message that the apartment was cleaned with a ‘wipe over and a mop’. This was shocking to me as the website claimed that this apartment would be…

“Enhanced Clean
Solrentspain STAYS Holiday Homes committed to Airbnb’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process—a set of standards developed in partnership with experts, for the times of COVID-19 and beyond.

Here’s what Solrentspain STAYS Holiday Homes committed to doing before every stay:
Sanitize surfaces
Sanitize every high-touch surface, down to the doorknob
Use approved products
Use cleaners approved by health experts, like disinfectants with 70% alcohol or higher
Thoroughly clean
Refer to our extensive checklists while cleaning room-by-room
Wear a mask and gloves
Help avoid cross-contamination by wearing a mask and gloves
Wash all linens
Wash linens at a high heat setting”

Reading this I would expect a very high level of cleaning.

This is what we were presented with…



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