Super Affiliate System Review (John Crestani)

Super Affiliate System Review (John Crestani)

Thank you for choosing to read my Super Affiliate System review. There is a good chance you are here reading this because you have seen the video “2020 Work at Home Scam Report with Chris Hansen and John Crestani”. You may have read John Crestani’s new book, “Work at Home Secrets and Scams” and you would love an insight into information about the Super Affiliate System Chris Hansen is recommending.

I was first made aware of The Super Affiliate System back in 2015 on its premier release and to say that I was shocked is an understatement. What John was teaching us whilst I was sitting at home after a tough day at work was quite remarkable as I had never at that point heard it before.

FREE Affiliate System Training

I had been working as a real estate agent for a few years and doing pretty well. The only problem I faced was the amount of time that I had to stay away from the family. I had a young child at that point with another on the way so felt that I need to seek a new way to make money and be at home more. I can honestly say that the information I was presented with was one of the only time that I had learnt anything actionable.

Super Affiliate System is still at the top of the list for online training programs that I recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to make a living online. Of course, you can never forget that nothing is easy and you don’t work 1 hour a day and you’re rich. You have to put in some hard work to get things going and John Crestani’s course id there to keep you powered up with the step by step guides on making money online.

As you can probably tell I have used this service and it has worked for me, however, let’s get to the real reason that you are here!

What is the Super Affiliate System?

(Here is your Dashboard)

John Crestani's Super Affiliate System members dashboard view

Super Affiliate System 2020

When the Super Affiliate System program originally came to market in 2015 users were purchasing for $5000 however now you can get it MUCH, MUCH less. Actually you can get FREE Affiliate Training right now. The big fact that I love when looking over the system now is that John has been working night and day to keep all of his content, training and delivery all right up to date. This means that the new version works for today’s affiliate marketing. Everything is up to date for every part of his Super Affiliate System to help you to succeed. Unlike many programs out there you do not need to worry about everything being outdated with methods not working. Every single year, Super Affiliate System is reworked from scratch so that you get 100% the right information to help you win at affiliate marketing.

Who is it for?

Personally speaking, I used the Super Affiliate System when I was stuck in a rut with my 8-6 office job. I had very little online experience at all. I had not even made a dollar online as I didn’t know where to start or what to even do. It seems like a minefield to me at the time, then I came John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System. I didn’t need much money to make a huge a difference online as we’re used to living on a relatively low budget, so a few hundred dollars a day would have exceeded my expectations.

The program is for anyone that wants that few hundred a day or if you need to polish up what you have already started and become an expert online affiliate marketer. The Super Affiliate System is totally set out to be ‘newbie friendly’, and John has laid this out so that whether you are 18 or 88 you can follow really easily.

What does it Teach?

If I told you that within 6 weeks you could be a very successful affiliate marketer online, would you be happy? Well, I certainly was. The step by step easy to follow Super Affiliate System, means that in just 6 weeks you could change your job, start a new life or be fully reliant on your newly found expert affiliate marketing skills.

You will learn how to master:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Native Ads
  • and much more

Don’t let that all scare you,¬† I started off with an ad spend of around $5 per day and I only scaled up once this was profitable.

Everything that John does throughout the duration of this program is done in such a way that it is made to feel really easy and natural. his step-by-step way means that even the complete newbie can follow easily.

One aspect of this program that I really loved which took the mystery out of ads was that we also get provided with ‘Templates of Audiences’, ‘Ads’ AND the ‘Landing Pages’ which we can use in our promotions. Trust me this is a very welcome addition as most of the time with other programs you are guessing on how to create all of the ads, not here, you have them from the get-go.

John provided training that takes you through 6 weeks with over 50 hours of explainer videos that explain everything from start to finish. What this means is that from the beginning you build the groundwork needed to keep building a very successful online presence. He does not start halfway through hoping you understand, it is a step by step kind of like holding your hand all the way through. If you are a total newbie then this is 100% what you need and what you will look back on as the main backbone to your success.

What do I learn on the Timeframe?

The first couple of weeks goes through the very basics giving you a complete understanding of the business model. It goes through what mentality you need to be in, how to set up tracking so that you keep on top of all people visiting you and your results. It goes over domains and how to create an affiliate landing page showcasing the offers you wish to promote.

The weeks following gives you a complete understanding of how to use the major traffic sources and social media. Examples of this are:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Adwords
  • Native
  • Much more

Now you are getting to one hell of a finale, the last few weeks go over-optimization and scaling your affiliate campaigns to thousands of dollars a DAY. John, will also show you how to outsource certain aspects of your new online business and to hire additional labour. You will need this when you really get into it and you will be surprised at how easy but profitable it really is.

So, What is Inside The Super Affiliate System Members Area

Bonus Feature 1: Training

Video of John Crestani talking about the Super Affiliate System and how to make Money Online

Week 1 Introduction

  1. Setting up your goal
  2. How to set up your website
  3. How to set up your presell page
  4. How to set up your Facebook ads
  5. How to work with affiliate networks


I would like you to bear in mind that the entire SAS Super Affiliate System program is 6 weeks in duration. It includes over 50 HOURS of content that includes weekly quizzes and daily homework assignments.

This system is nothing you can do in one day, a week or even a month.

John has worked extremely hard to put together the most comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing that is 100% up to date. He also holds his student accountable for their learning. If you do not do it properly and do not follow the system then you probably will not succeed. It is so worth you focusing on this during the times of the day that you can concentrate the most. If you have a day job, finish work put the kids to bed and make your self do this step by step and you will see the results. You can see amazing results if you want to put the effort in.

Are You Ready to Make Money Online?

Here is an itemised itinerary of what you will be learning over the full 6 weeks of training:

Week 1 – The System Setup

Week 2 – Understanding the System

Week 3 – Marketing Skills

Week 4 – Facebook and Google Ads

Week 5 – Youtube and Native Ads

Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

If 6 weeks of step by step training wasn’t enough for you to get your teeth into, you will also have FREE Access to John’s Free Traffic Training Course, Internet Jetset – (normally $47.00 per month) as a member.

Inside this, you get to see the full video training that covers everything you will need to know about how to get FREE Traffic from well-known sites like Googe, Youtube and Facebook.


Bonus Feature 2: DFY Ad Campaigns (Done for You)

Examples of ready to launch Affiliate marketing ad campaigns

The Ready to Launch Ad Campaigns are just as they read. These are ready to use templates that have EVERYTHING you need to set up an ad campaign including:

  • The Audience Targeting (FB)
  • The Affiliate Ads
  • The Landing Pages
  • The Top Offers to Promote
  • Much more

These campaigns come in various profitable niches ranging from Weight Loss, Muscle Growth, Diet Fat Burning, Skin Care and many more to mention here.


Bonus Features 3: The Community

With the John Crestani Super Affiliate System, you will get free access to the private Facebook group. This group consists only of the Super Affiliate System members. Inside this really valuable and useful group, you have a Q&A, updates to all content and training and so much more.

I felt a sense of comfort with all of the information and the way it is delivered as nothing was ‘above my head’, John is also VERY active in the Facebook group. I loved seeing other students posting their successes on pretty much a daily basis.

Image of an affiliate marketers results from the Super Affiliate System


Image of an affiliate marketers results from the Super Affiliate System SAS

Image Jason the affiliate marketers results from the Super Affiliate System

These are 100% REAL PEOPLE that you will see chatting in the Facebook group – this is what people are sharing ALL THE TIME!


Bonus Feature 4: Weekly Group Coaching Training (Live)

If John hasn’t given us enough already, he also provides a live webinar, this is every Friday for 2-3 hours at 3 pm PST. Here people tend to share their ad campaigns with him and John helps optimize and create ads etc and answers general questions.

I really loved these live sessions and still, try to dive into them when I can as you never know what you can learn!

My Super Affiliate System Review

Quite honestly, the super affiliate system is very in-depth and extensive.

When I read that it was 6 weeks of training I must admit I thought, “yeah right OK, a good one, I can do this is a few days”. I was wrong, it is 6 weeks of training.

You will need to allocate around 2 hours a day for your training. Along with this, I suggest that you treat this as education and education needs studying. Spend an hour studying what you have learnt and practice and implement it for another 1 hour per day.

Apart from the 6 weeks which honestly I enjoyed so much as I am where I am today because of it, this was AMAZING. From recent updates, I have already learned SO MUCH than I thought I knew already. I have learnt how to get a positive ROI on my Facebook  Ads which is brilliant.

I want you to remember this about the training, John’s 5,10,20 trick is great, along with the other training and templates and ready-made campaigns. You will see that it truly is amazing.

My Honest Advice:

Join here right now: AND stop being that person that sits and dreams all day about what you can or can’t do and be the person that takes action, gets off their ass and starts doing.

Get FREE Training >>>

Thanks for reading my Super Affiliate System review and hope that you enjoyed my analysis of the system.



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